How To Start A Brand Ebook


In this course, I will be teaching you step by step how to successfully launch a business, build a website, and gain traction on followers and sales with the same strategies I used to build my business.

All of the wonders that come with starting a business are answered here. Such as information on

  • Securing an LLC 
  • Securing Free/ Paid Vendors
  • Creating a professional logos, creativity
  • Growing your audience on social media, Expansion tips
  • Creating website 
  • Launching a brand successfully

Learn about the DO'S AND DONT'S with starting/running a brand PLUS MORE. NOTES are suggested, because at the end of this course you will be ready to launch your brand and have knowledge that will set you ahead in the game if you apply it and put in the work, everyone must work and earn their success.

Are you ready to be a CEO? It's one of the greatest titles to have especially when you are investing in something you are passionate about and have faith of doing.

My dream was to help others become a CEO as well, and teach the process of building a business so I am helping others in a positive way to success.

Let's get into it!



About your teacher

22 YR Old Zion Rozier , has been featured on THESHADEROOM. Before joining gum road, Zion has helped hundreds of people build brands, attain vendors, gain marketing skills, and learn how to graphic design.