“Bromeliad” Hoodie Black

$60.00 $80.00

The Rozier hoodie pullovers are a part of our exclusive range of super-comfortable sweatshirts celebrating Zion Rozier creativity.

Featuring a sleek, stylish design, these hoodies not only provide optimum comfort and movement but also make an empowering statement when on the go, dressing up or simply just getting comfy.

✔ Made with 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester blend

✔ Sporty, comfortable fit with spandex cuffs and waistband

✔ 50% Cotton Great for Breathing

Zion Rozier is from Miami,Florida. Rozier likes to draw objects based on observation and portraits of his relatives. After graduating from the magnet visual arts program from Robert Morgan Educational Center. Rozier Is a full time entrepreneur, owner of the Rozier Clothing company. Rozier clothing line who's sole mission is to uplift, inspire & encourage others to support emerging artists.