How To Draw Botanical Edition


Zion Rozier wants you to learn how to draw. Botanical Edition complete course in drawing. It is more suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced artists and designed to help you fit drawing into your lifestyle.

Tried-and-tested exercises, ranging from five-minute sketches to dedicated sessions of an hour or longer, cover every subject and location you could wish for, while accessibly written drawing theory helps you relate the technical concepts to your practice. This Draw Botanical Edition is helping you to hone your craft.

  • Botanical Drawing touches on the history of this fascinating art form.
  • Its rules and practicalities, and include an accessible, basic study of botany for the absolute beginner. In this informative volume, Brown expertly explains the materials, learnings, and techniques required to produce accurate botanical illustrations. F
  • follow her clear step-by-step instructions and close studies and explorations of the subjects to produce your own illustrations of plants, flowers, vegetables, and their myriad parts.
  • Gives you the inspiration and encouragement to draw more - and keep improving.